[IDEA] Enchanting/Blacksmithy

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[IDEA] Enchanting/Blacksmithy

Postby Greeneyes1 » 19 Feb 2016, 00:07

Hey guys-

I know I've heard the admins talking about re-working enchanting/blacksmithy before the beta or real map comes out, but I just wanted to put out a suggestion for the newish system.

Right now, using /enhance on all items isn't very rewarding, it is convenient. Lostshard has a very high learning and starting curve (spells and skill grinding being necessary before enjoying the full server) but /enhance is oversimplified. If blacksmithy could be used only to (1) repair items, (2) combine items in anvils, (3) and see an enchantment you will get on an enchanter that would be more than enough. That way players would have to get levels to make good gear, but could have the massively helpful *hint* for what they will get. It would stop people from running around in Sharp V stone or iron swords, as well as make great pvp loot harder to get. It would increase the amount of truly "OP" items and eliminate the generic common middle ground of prot II.

Not sure if enchanting an item at level 36 taking 3 levels is going to stay, but taking away enhance and leaving that could work out well.

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