How do you want the map to be built?

Discussion about the Lostshard beta server

How do you want the map to be created?

Custom made map (More realistic looking map)
Vanilla Minecraft world
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Amplified Vanilla Minecraft world
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How do you want the map to be built?

Postby Phexos » 29 Feb 2016, 00:16

When building this new map, I have been looking into creating the map using a program called world painter, which will give me full power over how the map looks, features it has and how big it will be.
I wanted to find out if any of you do not like this idea and prefer the vanilla Minecraft world.

If the map was created using this third party tool, there would be a few things that would be sacrificed; Dungeons would not spawn naturally underground, nor would the strong hold or sea temples. I understand that this would upset a lot of people, but to compensate for these losses new features would be added. Custom made Dungeons would be added (The dungeons would be a lot bigger, more open(unlike the puzzle ones that we have at the moment), contain stronger mobs, better loot and would be more of a clan activity). Strongholds on the Lostshard server have also shown to be rather pointless due to us having a portal to the End (With the release of 1.9 we will also have a portal leading to the additional section of the End).

The reason I want to create a custom map would be a change from the regular boring maps that we're used to and it would also help me create better areas to build the spawns, dungeons and capture points. When the server properly opens we hope to get more players joining and I would like to make the server as attractive and appealing as possible.
I understand if you guys do not want these changes and if a large majority of you are not happy with them I will scrap the idea.

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Re: How do you want the map to be built?

Postby Spekkio » 29 Feb 2016, 03:31

where is the beta 1.7.3 generated land button?
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Re: How do you want the map to be built?

Postby buckeye97 » 29 Feb 2016, 05:18

yeah i like the custom map idea just make sure all of the regular blocks besides the dungeon blocks are available like all of the logs types etc.

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