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Postby Zietius » 12 Feb 2016, 22:11

Defman is on holiday for about a week but unfortunately he didn't fix PvP before he left. So as a temporary fix, the following potions have been banned (You can still make them but they will automatically be removed from your inventory now). I'm aware that this is probably going to piss many of you off but this is to try to keep PvP relatively balanced while he is away. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(This includes splash potions)
  • Strength
  • Strength 2
  • Healing
  • Healing 2
  • Harming
  • Harming 2

Also Invisibility potions are currently broken. You can still see the username when they are used so there's no point in using them until Defman gets back to fix everything. (They are NOT bannable tho)

**Special thanks to mattzzigster for setting up the system to automatically remove potions from inventories so that people won't be banned anymore :D**

(Also, anyone that was banned due to the use of any of these potions has been unbanned.)

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